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The Basics of Water Heaters

In Enon, OH, December to February has 20-degree lows that cause pipes to freeze. Year-round lows rarely reaching 70 degrees are not much better and could lead to cold water spewing from all water appliances and fixtures, especially at night. However, you may notice that’s not the case if you’ve had a tank or tankless water heater installation in Enon, OH, but why is that, and how do water heaters work? 

Your home comprises an intricate piping system that runs underground and behind walls to bring clean water into bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms. When you turn on the faucet or choose the hot water setting on your washing machine, it may take a few seconds for the water to warm, but it does eventually. 

That’s because water heaters use gas or electricity to conduct the heat transfer process, where the cold water pipe brings water to the bottom of the tank, near the heating element, to warm the water. Once it reaches an ideal temperature, the hot water rises above the cold water to the hot water pipe. When you need the hot water, the pipe takes in the recently warmed water, sending it where it needs to go. 

Let the #1 plumbing company in Enon and the surrounding areas, Spartan Plumbing, further break down water heaters below. We’ll relay what you need to know about tankless heater installations and when to call us for assistance. 

Traditional Vs. Tankless

Traditional water heaters consist of large tanks that house and heat gallons of water. Because the heating process never ceases throughout the system’s ten-year lifespan, warm water is always available. However, the downside is that the constant running pulls more electricity, wasting energy when not in use and raising utility bills. 

Tankless water heaters, however, only supply water on demand, making them about 30% more efficient than traditional tanks. The average tankless water heater heats four to eight gallons of water per minute, depending on the size, with some heating as much as 11 gallons every 60 seconds. 

Why Choose a Tankless Water Heater for Your Enon Home

Many homeowners are considering a tankless water heater installation in Enon, OH, because of the many benefits that include:

  • Higher efficiency: Because tankless water heaters don’t work 24/7, they’re 40% and 55% more efficient than tanked natural gas and electrical water heaters, respectively. 
  • Lower bills: Since your tankless heater isn’t running constantly, it pulls less electricity from your utility grid daily, lowering bills by about 35%.
  • Fewer maintenance, repairs, and replacements: Traditional water heaters have standing water within them at all times, meaning they’re more likely to corrode and have other plumbing issues that require plumbing services. Fewer issues with a tankless water heater also mean a longer lifespan of at least 20 years. 
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Tankless Water Heater Installation in Enon, OH

What Is the Installation Process?

Since tankless water heaters are about 80% smaller and wall-mounted, they take up less space than traditional tanks that use up to 16 square feet of your floor space and have an easier installation process. 

A professional takes one to two days to complete the installation, during which they examine your existing plumbing and determine whether a gas or electric source is best. They’ll also determine the appropriate location for optimal venting. Finally, they’ll mount the unit, connecting all gas lines or electrical wires before testing the connection and making adjustments. 

About Enon, OH

Since the first settlements, Enon, OH, was known for its strong agricultural climate. By the time of the city’s founding in 1850, residents not only kept up a rich farm industry but also developed a new and thriving manufacturing center for automobiles, which now make up 0.7% and 13.9% of the occupation population, respectively. 

However, those are far from the only occupations that make up the economy since the city offers everything, from eateries like The Dock Food & Spirits and Carriage Inn Restaurant to distilleries like Flat Rock Spirits Distillery and Brandeberry Winery.

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