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Tankless Water Heater Installation in Centerville, OH

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Ready to modernize your water heating system? Consider tankless water heater installation in Centerville, OH. At Spartan Plumbing, we specialize in sewer line repair and replacement services and assist you in selecting the tankless water heater for your budget and household needs.  

What You Should Know About Tankless Water Heaters

Spartan Plumbing is here to answer any questions you have about tankless water heaters.

Benefits of a Tankless Water Heater

Did you know a traditional water heater only lasts about a decade? Since a tankless water heater lacks a tank, it can last twice as long with proper maintenance. Other advantages include:

  • Eco-friendliness: When you choose an energy-efficient appliance, you reduce your carbon footprint and place less stress on the environment. Tankless hot water system installation offers an environmentally friendly approach to retaining modern comforts. 
  • Fewer services: While all appliances need occasional maintenance, your tankless water heater needs fewer repair and maintenance services than an outdated, traditional model. Traditional water heaters collect mineral deposits and corrode faster. A tankless heater doesn’t require the same extensive upkeep.  
  • Utility bill savings: Efficiency translates into utility savings. Tankless water heaters use between 40% and 55% fewer resources than a traditional model. 
  • More space: Your current water heater likely requires a fair amount of space. You can transform that space into a storage closet or tool shed following efficient water heating installation. Plus, you’ll enjoy a comparatively instantaneous water heater placement service compared to the stressful, involved process required for traditional heaters. 
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Do You Need a Tankless Water Heater?

Should you start planning for tankless water heater installation in Centerville, OH? We identified some warning signs that indicate your water heater may fail soon:

  • Leaks: Does the water pool just beneath the tank? You might have punctured or rusted metal on your hands. Replacement services are more economical than repairs. 
  • Inconsistent water temperatures: Can you relax in the shower? Or do you try to predict when the hot water will run out? A tankless water heater will make showers predictable again. 
  • Appliance age: If you’ve owned your traditional appliance for a decade or more, explore replacement options. Traditional tanks have shorter lifespans. A tankless model will last much longer. 
  • Constant repairs: Are you scheduling the same repairs over and over again like clockwork? Since you can’t return your current appliance to its former glory, let a tankless replacement benefit your household. 
  • Loud noises: Noises like clanging, screeching, and thumping are abnormal and indicate numerous failing components.  
  • Corrosion: Does your faucet dispense brown or orange water? Have you noticed rusty spots on the heater tank? This corrosion could lead to larger issues if not addressed. 

Which Tankless Model Should You Choose?

Spartan Plumbing offers two tankless water heater models: gas-fueled and electric. We’ll walk you through the differences between each below:

  • Electric Tankless Heater Installation: If you prefer appliances that need minimal maintenance and low upfront costs, you’ll love an electric model. However, you’ll pay more in monthly utility bills than with a gas model. 
  • Gas Tankless Heater Setup: Decrease your utility expenditures with a gas tankless water heater. Remember: we must connect gas appliances to your property gas line, resulting in higher upfront costs. Plus, most gas appliances require more upkeep than electric ones. 

Other Tankless Heater Services

We also provide water heater upgrade services to help you protect your current appliance. One of our favorite upgrades involves installing a tankless heater to complement your traditional one. This investment provides your household with a consistent hot water supply while protecting your traditional heater from wear and tear. 

About Centerville, OH

Centerville, Ohio, is home to a population of nearly 25,000 residents and Ohio’s most expansive assortment of historical stone houses. Often confused with three other Ohio towns bearing the same name, this city is a central suburb in the Metro Dayton area. It sits just southeast of Dayton. 

Centerville’s residents take pride in their local culture. The municipal government prizes art and historical architecture. The Asahel Wright House Museum is among the city’s impressive collection of old stone houses and offers periodic walking tours to guests. Stubbs Park, a more modern gathering place, features an impressive amphitheater where residents enjoy performance arts and social gatherings.

Tankless Water Heater Installation in Centerville, OH
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Spartan Plumbing: A Cut Above the Rest in Tankless Water Heater Installation in Centerville, OH

As a trusted commercial plumber and residential service provider, Spartan Plumbing always focuses on the customer’s needs. We aim to keep our communities satisfied, sanitary, and energy-efficient with top-notch plumbing appliances and quality services. 

Tankless water heater installation in Centerville, OH, is one of many ways we achieve our goals. Book a service at 937-446-6757.