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Get fantastic tankless water heater installation in Fairborn, OH! At Spartan Plumbing, we’ll provide you with the outstanding services you need.

Discover How Tankless Water Heaters Work

Most water heaters only last around a decade before they need complete replacement services. Is your water heater about to hit the ten-year mark? If so, you’re likely shopping for a new model. 

As providers of 24/7 plumbing services, our experienced plumbers at Spartan Plumbing recommend tankless water heater installation in Fairborn, OH. If you’ve never considered a tankless water heater, you’ll discover why this modern appliance and our trusted installation services offer the best long-term deal. 

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Tankless Water Heater Advantages

Like other appliances, a tankless water heater has varying pros and cons, depending on your needs and expectations. We listed some enticing benefits below:

  • Lifespan: Tankless heaters tend to last longer than traditional water heaters with tanks. Tankless models have double the life expectancy! 
  • Monetary savings: A tankless heater uses less energy to warm your water. You’ll save money each month on your energy bills. 
  • More space: Per their name, tankless heaters don’t have a big tank that takes up space. You could convert the old heater’s storage area into a tool shed. 
  • Environmentally friendly: Since tankless heaters use less energy, they are better for the environment. 

Should You Consider a Tankless System?

Although an eco-friendly water heater installation entices you, you might wonder whether it will work for your home. You should consider a tankless water heater if your current appliance has the following issues:

  • Constant leaking: Water heaters shouldn’t leak. When they do, they often have more concerning issues, like corroded components or degrading seals. 
  • Repairs are routine: If you own a traditional water heater with a tank, you’ve probably worried little about repair services. If you regularly call a plumber for assistance, you should look into a more efficient water heating installation. 
  • Inconsistent water heating: When you take a shower or wash your hands, you may notice the water temperature fluctuates. We can sometimes resolve this issue through water heater upgrade services. Other times, you need a complete tankless water heater installation in Fairborn, OH. 
  • Dark or rust-colored water: Does the water flowing through your faucets look dark or dirty? Brown or dark orange water indicates rusty or corroded components. 
  • Constant noises: Your water heater should generally stay quiet beyond a soft hum when it heats water. Noises like screeching, tapping, or banging often mean mechanical parts struggle during operation or otherwise have come loose. Purchasing a tankless system is a better financial investment than replacing major components.  

Types of Tankless Systems

At Spartan Plumbing, we install and service two main types of tankless water heaters: gas and electric. Explore how each system works to find the best fit for your home:

  • Electric tankless heater installation: Although you’ll pay more for monthly utilities, electric systems require less maintenance and fewer repairs. 
  • Gas tankless heater setup: Gas systems cost less to run but require regular upkeep to prevent dangerous gaseous emissions. 

We’ll help you choose the system that works best for your lifestyle and home system.

Increase Your Hot Water Supply

What if your current water heater works perfectly well? Perhaps you only struggle with an inadequate supply of hot water. We suggest our water heater retrofitting services. 

We’ll install and connect a tankless water heater to supplement your hot water supply. Your current heater will do less work. Your family can enjoy longer showers and consistent hot water. Plus, you won’t have to make space for a second tank! 

About Fairborn, OH

A suburb of Dayton, Fairborn, Ohio, is the only city in the world to sport its name. Fairborn combines Fairfield and Osborn in a unique portmanteau. Nearly 35,000 residents call this Greene County town home, enjoying its rich history and endless local activities. 

One favorite local landmark is the Oakes Quarry Park. It features two miles of trails that lead hikers through unique geographical features like prairies and woodlands. Visitors can also fish in designated areas. Additionally, residents and visitors can explore the Secret Chamber House of Oddities and Artwork to shop for extraordinary commodities.

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Let Spartan Plumbing Provide Tankless Water Heater Installation in Fairborn, OH

Spartan Plumbing offers reputable sewer line repair and replacement services along with tankless water heater installation in Fairborn, OH. When you choose our team, you entrust your plumbing system to experts who understand all residential plumbing aspects backward and forward. You’ll also reap benefits like flexible financing, coupon savings, and membership rewards.

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