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Is your outdated, corroded water heater on the fritz? Consider replacing it with an advanced tankless system. Our reputable crew at Spartan Plumbing provides stellar plumbing services, including tankless water heater installation in Oakwood, OH.

What You Should Know About Tankless Water Heaters

Ready for a new system? Find out why tankless systems are so popular below.

Pros of a Tankless Water Heater

Do you avoid booking a replacement service because you dread a stressful, time-consuming installation process? Spartan Plumbing resolves that dread with instantaneous water heater placement and installation services.

A perk of a tankless heater is it doesn’t take up as much space as traditional models. Other enticing advantages include:

  • Energy efficiency: A traditional water heater will use 40% to 55% more resources than its modern tankless counterpart. You’ll improve your home’s energy consumption with a more efficient water heating installation service. 
  • Extended lifespan: Tankless heaters are more agile and require less power to operate effectively. Therefore, they can last twice as long as traditional water heaters.  
  • Fewer maintenance services: A traditional water heater needs annual inspection and maintenance services to ensure its tank doesn’t develop mineral deposits or corrosion. Tankless heaters aren’t as prone to corrosion. Although some parts may develop mineral buildup, a skilled plumber needs less time to remove the deposits. 
  • Savings: Decreased energy bills, fewer service calls, and longer lifespans mean more money in your pocket. You should use those savings where you need them! 
  • Eco-friendliness: Energy-efficient appliances do more than line your bank accounts. They also save the environment. The most eco-friendly water heater installation service typically involves a tankless model. 
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Is a Tankless System Right for Your Property?

Should you consider tankless water heater installation in Oakwood, OH? Or schedule repair services? We outlined pervasive signs that your current water heater is running out of time below:

  • Installation date: The average water heater featuring a tank lasts a decade. Well-maintained appliances could make it to 12 years of service. Is your tenth installation date anniversary creeping up? 
  • Off-putting water color: As metal components wear down, they release corroded particles and oxidized rust. These particles may dissolve in your drinking water, causing a dark orange or brown color. 
  • Concerning noises: Like most appliances, a water heater may hum softly while it operates. However, loud, startling sounds like banging, shrieking, and tapping indicate loose or broken components. 
  • Uncomfortable showers: Are indulgently hot showers a thing of the past? If you race against the clock to shower with hot water, you should replace your failing heater. 
  • Visual queues: Periodically inspect your water heater tank. Do you notice persistent leaks or rusty spots? Schedule an installation service soon! 

Gas Water Heaters vs. Electric Water Heaters

Choose from two types of tankless water heaters: electric or gas. Their differences go beyond their resource requirements. Learn more below:

  • Gas tankless heater setup: We’ll connect your gas water heater to your property’s gas line. Therefore, installation services cost more upfront. Gas water heaters also need regular maintenance services to protect the fittings. However, their subsequent utility bills cost less. 
  • Electric tankless heater installation: An electric water heater costs less to install. It also needs less professional maintenance. The tradeoff is that you’ll pay more for electrical resources. 

Call for Other Tankless System Services

Perhaps your current water heater performs well enough. You just need extra hot water to satisfy your household. We provide retrofitting or water heater upgrade services. 

We can install a tankless water heater to work alongside your traditional one. It’ll supply extra hot water without taking up significant space. 

About Oakwood, OH

The small suburb of Oakwood, Ohio, is nestled between Riverside and Moraine in Montgomery County. As part of the Miami Valley region of the state, Oakwood’s population of nearly 10,000 enjoys the serenity of semi-rural open spaces and the historical value of old architecture. Many homes date back to the pre-World War II era. 

One such building is Hawthorn Hill — a mansion that once belonged to the famed Orville Wright. A plethora of impressive historical figures would visit this property, including Thomas Edison and Henry Ford. Smith Memorial Gardens is another favorite landmark. Residents enjoy concerts and story hour gatherings at this idyllic outdoor location each summer. 

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Choose Spartan Plumbing for Tankless Water Heater Installation In Oakwood, OH

Spartan Plumbing’s water heater repair and installation services are just one of our many quality plumbing services. We’ll help you choose the best model for your home and budget with our extensive product and service knowledge. Then, we’ll embark on a stress-free tankless water heater installation in Oakwood, OH.

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