The risk of burns at home is higher than you might think. Most people have suffered a heat-related accident at home, often as a result of scalding hot water. Burns can be mild, or severe injuring more than one layer of skin. The painful site will either simply turn red, or can blister and become very raw. Burns are painful because the skin is highly sensitive. However, burns that go deeper become more painful as they can reach the nerves. Whether you live alone, have kids or care for elderly loved ones, these tips will help you avoid the dangers of scalding water and prevent burns.

Common Causes of Scalds

Scalds are most commonly caused at home via either hot water or steam. Common causes include:

Scald burns take only seconds to cause painful injury.

How to Prevent Household Scalds

You can avoid scald related accidents by taking these steps:

These tips will help reduce the risk for burns from scalding hot water in your household.

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