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If your garbage disposal has stopped functioning, don’t wait for a clog to build up and damage your plumbing. Call Spartan Plumbing at (937) 203-0339 for top-notch garbage disposal services today!
Garbage Disposal Repair or Installation Services

Garbage Disposal Repair or Installation Services in Dayton, OH, Spartan Plumbing

Garbage disposals are one of the most useful tools for a homeowner’s kitchen. These devices save you time and speed up cleaning by grinding up food remnants while you clean. However, garbage disposals can become clogged or malfunction, interrupting your everyday routine.

If you need garbage disposal repair or installation services in Dayton, OH, Spartan Plumbing can help. We have specialized in providing the community of Dayton, OH, with high-quality plumbing services for several years, and our thousands of customers can attest to both our professionalism and excellency of service.

How Does a Garbage Disposal Work?

Everyone knows that the location of a garbage disposal is almost always below your kitchen sink’s drain so it can catch and grind food. However, contrary to popular belief, garbage disposals do not use blades to process food particles. Instead, they utilize mounted “impellers” to push food particles against a grind ring.

The garbage disposal effectively liquefies the particles by pushing these particles against the grind ring. This process allows you to wash the processed food waste down your drain, avoiding clogs and plumbing malfunctions.

Signs You Need Garbage Disposal Repair or Replacement

If any part of your garbage disposal stops working or breaks, you will notice the following signs that indicate you should call for garbage disposal repair:
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High-Quality Garbage Disposal Replacement and Servicing in Dayton, OH

If you notice any of these symptoms, call Spartan Plumbing to treat your garbage disposal problem. Our expert plumbers will quickly diagnose the problem and provide a budget-friendly solution.

We will start by doing our best to repair your garbage disposal. However, broken parts or old systems sometimes require garbage disposal replacement rather than repair. In this case, we will suggest a high-quality garbage disposal system and offer professional installation.

Care Tips for Garbage Disposals

To ensure that you only have to call us for an emergency garbage disposal repair, we suggest the following tips to prevent a system malfunction:
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Professional Garbage Disposal Installation and Repair Services in Dayton, OH | Spartan Plumbing

If you need professional garbage disposal repair services in Dayton, OH, contact Spartan Plumbing. We are a locally-owned and operated company that prioritizes the needs of our customers. Unlike mega-corporations, our primary mission is to take care of our clients, no matter how long a job takes.

Furthermore, our plumbers undergo extensive on-the-job training and a thorough interview process to ensure they feel prepared to take on any plumbing job, no matter how difficult. Call Spartan Plumbing for professional garbage disposal servicing at (937) 203-0339 today!

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