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Trustworthy Sewer Repair Team in Dayton, OH

Do you need a trustworthy sewer repair team in Dayton, OH, or the surrounding areas? After water disappears down the shower or sink drain or you flush a toilet, that’s the last you should see of that waste. The last thing you want to see is gray water or sewage resurfacing.

Unfortunately, the simplest clogs can cause problems in your drains and pipelines. But with Spartan Plumbing’s professionals on call, there is no reason to let these issues jeopardize health and safety. We run a family-owned and operated team in western Ohio for solutions to large or small plumbing issues and more!

Reasons You Might Need Sewer Line Repair in Dayton, OH

With an area famous for aviation, art, education, and rich history, Dayton offers countless ways to spend your time; plumbing doesn’t have to be one of them. If you notice the following issues, call Spartan Plumbing for quick and reliable solutions:

Sewer line repair often becomes necessary when pipe buildups prevent water flow. Clogs usually occur when you’re not careful of what goes down the drains, including the following items:

  • Greasy, oily, fatty, and sticky foods down the kitchen sink will coat the inner pipe walls.
  • Hair, soap scum, dried toothpaste, and more down the shower or sink drains will accumulate and block water flow.
  • Flushing wipes, excessive toilet paper, diapers, and sanitary napkins will clog your toilet.

Natural clogs also form, like when tree roots puncture the pipes, and corroded pipes deteriorate, breaking off metal and rust chunks into the system. With blockage, the main problem is when contaminated water starts to pool around the drain or backflow worsens, bringing odors and toxic sewer gasses.

Wastewater also exits through cracked pipes into the soil. Have you noticed extra lush lawn sections, pooling, or sewer smells? Your Ohio property might have a broken sewer line that needs prompt sewer repair.
Dayton’s heavy rain, hail, and snowstorms send water deep below the foundation, eroding the soil and shifting pipes. As the pipes hit soil valleys, they belly, meaning they dip to create a pocket for debris. In this case, the Spartan Plumbing team may have to dig up and replace sagging sections while adding extra support around new and existing pipes.
Emergency Sewer Repair in Dayton OH
Sewer Repair by Spartan Plumbing in Dayton OH

What Happens During a Main Sewer Line Clog Repair?

Does your property need a main sewer line clog repair? Our licensed and certified technicians will conduct a camera inspection to be sure. If there’s a clog, they’ll first try to snake or vacuum the pipes or look at the following:

We use pipe lining for leaks, relying on an inflatable tube covered in epoxy to plug the issue. We also use trenchless repair, known as pipe bursting to avoid excavating where possible.

We remove roots from the line and may suggest removing the tree to protect the sewer system.
We may suggest a sewer line replacement for old or rusted pipes. That could mean a slightly higher sewer line repair cost, but it will guarantee decades of optimal use.

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Sewer concerns happen for any reason, day and night. That’s why our professional, five-star team with over 60 years of combined experience works 24/7 to protect your property. You’ll have 100% customer satisfaction and more with our local professionals.

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