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A damaged well pump can interfere with essential aspects of your daily life, from doing laundry to bathing to washing dishes.

Our quick turnaround and comprehensive well pump solutions make Spartan Plumbing a trusted well pump repair and replacement company in Dayton, OH. Our friendly team of expert maintenance and repair professionals have many years of industry experience to provide our customers with the best well water pump services solutions in town.

At Spartan Plumbing, we are proud to call ourselves the #1 well pump replacement and repair service in Dayton, OH. Call us today for all your well pump service solutions.

What Does a Well Pump Do?

Well pumps are a type of water system that sources groundwater through a pump and into your home. The well pump pushes water from a reservoir beneath the ground up to your home, providing a continuous supply of clean water for daily use. Well pumps provide a clean and accessible water source if you’re not able to use the municipal water supply in Dayton, in addition to being cost- and energy-efficient.

5 Signs of Well Pump Problems

Issues with your home’s well water pump system can be a pain. Routine maintenance can help extend the lifespan and functionality of your well pump system, but breakdowns are inevitable.

There are a few common indicators that it’s time to call our professional plumbers to check out your pump.
If your water system is properly functioning, water should flow in a fluid stream. If you notice pulsing or spitting water coming from your faucet, this can mean there is air in your well pump system. There can be several reasons air can get into your well water pump, including leaks in the pump’s pipe system, so we’ll investigate further before deciding on a fix.

Water loss is one of the top problems resulting from complications from well pumps. When the water won’t turn on in your home, you might have one of several pump-related issues:

  • Loss of power to the pump: Loss of power can cause water loss in your home. This can be a quick fix with a trip to your circuit breaker. If resetting the power to your pump does not resolve the issue, you should call our Spartan Plumbing team to assess the situation further.
  • Low level of well water: When your well water is low, you might get stuck without running water in your home because pump cannot draw up well water. Shallow water levels can be the result of climate conditions, pump component damage, filter blockage, or increased water consumption.
  • Failed pressure switch: When your well pump pressure is low, the pressure switch turns the pump on in an attempt to replenish the well water in your tank. Clogged pressure sensors, a damaged diaphragm, or electrical issues can damage the pressure switch so that it can’t turn on. A faulty or unresponsive pressure switch is unable to monitor and indicate low pressure in the water tank.
  • Failed pump controller: If water loss is a result of a failed pump controller, you need to replace it. Depending on where your pump controller is located ultimately results in the complexity of the service repair.

At Spartan Plumbing, we provide full-service solutions to our Dayton community and surrounding areas. We will assess the issue and provide a cost-effective and timely solution.

A constantly running well pump can create higher-than-normal electricity consumption. When your well pump is not cycling off, this can be a result of low pressure in the pump, often from a leak in the pipe.

Broken water lines can sometimes be the reason for increased electric bills due to a connection issue between the pump and the house.
If you notice your water supply is murky and contains sand or sediment, you might have a low water table. Well pumps that frequently pump from shallow water supplies can pull up various types of sediment, which can decrease the performance of your well pump and put unnecessary stress on your well pump’s filtration system.
If you notice a sudden and considerable change in the quality of your running water, this could indicate well pump problems. Surface water and debris may have seeped into your well water if you notice:

  • Foul-smelling water
  • Brown- or red-tinted water
  • Visible sediment or sand in your water

This can happen due to leaking pipes or damaged pump components. Changes in the quality of your well pump can be unsafe and dangerous the contamination comes from hazardous materials and debris. Don’t drink the water if the quality has abruptly changed. You should call our trained plumbing technicians at Spartan Plumbing to test your water as soon as possible to ensure your water supply is safe for drinking and use.
Our Spartan Plumbing experts can test your water for various chemical balances. We can determine the elements that inflict your water supply and install a high-quality filtration system to remove hard water.
Well Pump Repair by Spartan Plumbing in Dayton OH
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Well Pump Repair Near Me in Dayton

Well water pumps can break down due to age, excessive wear and tear, and exposure to harsh weather.

While some well pump damage is obvious, like a complete lack of water from your taps, you might overlook small issues until it’s too late. Letting faulty or damaged well pumps go unattended can lead to more serious repairs and even costly replacements down the road.

That’s where our well pump repair team at Spartan Plumbing comes in. As soon as you notice an issue with your water, give us a call. We’ll come out quickly to inspect your well pump and let you know the issue. Our thorough professional diagnosis means no more repeat issues: Once we fix your well pump problem, you’re good to go.

Investing in well water pump repairs at the first sign of an issue also ensures your water is safe and clean.

Reliable Dayton Well Pump Service and repair

Here in Dayton, well pumps usually last between 8 and 15 years. If your well pump is at the end of its lifespan or is breaking down frequently, replacement may be a better option than repair.

Well pump replacement cost depends on several factors, including the type of pump you want to install and how deep your well pump is underground.

When our plumbers arrive for your service appointment, we’ll assess your well pump and let you know if it’s at the end of its life. If you need a new well pump, we’ll provide an upfront quote for replacement. We’ll listen to you to understand your budget and provide recommendations that fit your needs.
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Need Well Pump Replacement Near Me? Call Spartan Plumbing

If you are experiencing residential well pump problems, the pros at Spartan Plumbing can handle the job—big or small! We offer comprehensive full-service well pump repairs, maintenance, and installations in Dayton and the surrounding areas.

No water? No problem! As the #1 well pump repair and replacement service in Dayton, OH, we will have things up and running with minimal downtime for you and your family.

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